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Beware! how you can lose commission

June 20, 2007

As an affiliate you want the visitor to read through the sales page and hit that
order button with you getting credit for the sale. There are a number of
reasons why this does not happen

1. There is an overt link to an affiliate sign up page. So your potential
customer could simply become an affiliate and purchase the product through
his own link.

2. There are many external links which distract the visitor from reaching the
order page.

3. The merchant captures your commission, for example
There are offers to join a mailing list or claim a free report: you should
get credited for any sale ensuing from these leads but an unscrupulous
merchant may follow up and make the sale via his own link.

Similarly the merchant may use a pop−up upon exiting a site to
convert a leaving visitor into a sale for which you do not get the credit.

4. Your product is just one of many unrelated products on a page − a put−off
for the potential customer.

5. Remember ClickBank mentioned previously ? If you are a ClickBank affiliate and the merchant offers multiple payment options (such as Paypal) then if ClickBank is not chosen you do not get the commission.

This is one of the tip extracted from Supertips 101, a book I strongly recommended for internet marketer. You can download from Resource page of my website.