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Using Audio/Video to Promote Your Site

April 23, 2007

Using audio/video for promotion seem to be the hottest thing at the moment. Are you using it ?

Does Your Website TALK?
It can now with Brand New Technology.
AudioGenerator was just released to the
general public. This is a MUST-HAVE TOOL!

I also found these sites for generating video that might be of interest to you.
Free Download Manager

Take a look at my site and see the impact it created.



Do you want to have the texts wrapped within the box ?

April 23, 2007

The other day, I came across this useful tip to wrap the text within the box and thought you might want to know.

Red, 1px dotted
I personally recommend it!

If you are selling any kind of product or service online and you want to sell more than you do now… then I believe you just have to try out this new service that I personally use and recommend!

Send me an email, and I will give you the link to the html.


Hello world!

April 9, 2007

Welcome to motto-ebusiness blog. I intend to use it to post my personal opinion on various topics including

  • Singapore Property News
  • Latest trend in internet marketing
  • interesting website design tips that I come across
  • any general theme that might be of interest to you